About Us

Osmanlikiyafetleri.net is an initiative formed by two people with their years of experience.

Mine Ertugrul started this initiative. She's been interested in Ottoman history and costumes back in her middle school years. She followed hundreds of orientalist paintings on internet, visited museums and have seen some of these pieces with her own eyes, collected encyclopedias to gain information about Ottoman clothes. Still following productions and books related to Ottomans. At the same time she's interested in clothing design as an amateur and she knows sewing at the basic level. She has a BA in Business Administration. Her profession is webdesign. Also engaged in photography as an amateur.

Gül Demir is a designer and owns a fashion house. She has 30 years of experience in sewing. In the beginning, she educated herself aside her ace; after she gained confidence by her experience, she founded her own atelier. Now, she caters to a wide customer base. She's an expert on evening gowns.